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G4 Video Grabs
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So, you don't have a fancy new Droid or iPhone. Who cares? We've got some nifty tips and tricks through the power of Google to upgrading your old flip phone.
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by pcmag
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This is episode 128 of crankygeeks. Here is the episode page description: Episode 128: Border Agency Can Seize Laptops, a Redesigned iPhone?, Dell Tries to Patent "Cloud Computing," and more... What's new in Episode 128 Today's Guests: Sebastian Rupley, Co-Crank, Editorial Director, Molly Wood, Executive Editor, CNet Garnett Lee, Executive Editor, News, The Topics: U.S. Border Agency Can Seize Laptops Travelers beware: U.S. agents now have the authority to seize...
Topics: crankygeeks,, dltv, pcmag, sebastian-rupley, molly-wood, garnett-lee
The VHS Vault
by feedBUCK GaLore , Selffish
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timelapse 2000 AD is a collection of more than 30 hours of video  feedBUCK GaLore produced in 2000 AD recorded on a security cam  vcr so that a 2 hour vhs tape records 72 hours of material. my favorite glitch tape . the soundtrack is by Andrew Eigus aka Selffish is the protagonist of the Thinner  guild of electronic music producers who concern themselves with an Ambient/Lounge approach.this work  can be found at
Topics: glitch, timelapse, feedbuck, feedbuckgalore, missy galore, vhs, vj, psychedelic, video, kung fu...